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April 16-April 18, 2018

Hyatt Regency Toronto, ON

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Whitepapers and Reports

The MSP Playbook: A Practical Guide to Managed Services Programs

MSP buyers look to service providers to address a host of contingent workforce needs such as cost savings and avoidance; a shorter time to fill; enhanced quality of talent; greater spend visibility; compliance; scalability; and efficient management of suppliers. However, mature buyers in established markets have moved beyond these initial motivators to seek out greater value from their solution providers.

9 Steps to Effective Supplier Due Diligence

Recognizing the seriousness of enhanced enforcement in Canada and globally, LexisNexis developed this guide outlining the 9 Steps to Effective Third-Party Due Diligence. It helps ensure that firms have the insights needed to avoid financial and reputational harm due to third-party relationships.

CPO Insights: The Rapid Expansion of Supply Chain Risk Management - Are You Prepared?

Former Fannie Mae CPO Joe Yacura draws upon 25 years of supply chain experience in a number of world class organizations to ask whether today's procurement and supply chain teams are fully prepared for new expectations around risk management.
In this must-read resource for savvy sourcing and procurement professionals, you'll learn:

  • How to win the war against BIG data in your procurement organization
  • Why supply chain risk is rapidly becoming the overarching concern of top executives
  • 8 key factors to examine when designing your organizations process for managing supplier performance and risk
If you want to maximize the results from your procurement team, this guide is for you. Download your copy today!

The ProcureCon Canada 2016 Benchmark Report

Canadian procurement is experiencing a growth of jurisdiction, which often extends to previously unmanaged categories, with travel as an outstanding example. This report, produced in cooperation with Carlson Wagonlit Travel, take a close look at trends including:

- The growing role of the CPO
- Techniques for controlling travel spend and enforcing compliance
- The role of technology in proving procurement's value

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Talent Analytics: A Mindset for Results, A Focus on the Future

Recent technology innovations provide companies with an unprecedented opportunity for creating meaningful intelligence to better compete for talent. This area of innovation is known as talent analytics. It offers much promise, but many organizations have yet to adopt analytics to help drive their talent acquisition strategies and recruiting practices.

Get Critical Intelligence With Help From Lexis Diligence

Lexis Diligence® helps you mitigate operational, financial, legal and reputational risk by providing the tools you need to understand your suppliers, partners, acquisition targets, contractors, resellers, grant applicants and other associates effectively and efficiently.

Growing Procurement's Role in Travel and Meetings Management

As travel and meetings increasingly fall under the purview of procurement, addressing challenges including demonstrating value, protecting choice, and maintaining compliance are being acutely felt.
Partnered with etouches, ProcureCon's new report focuses on:

-Applying strategic meetings management strategies that create ROI
-Creating alignment with marketing and key stakeholders
-Developing strong category knowledge and maintaining compliance

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Open Banking & APIs Report 2017

Open Banking & APIs – a new era of innovation in banking The Open Banking & API Report 2017 gives insight into the nascent landscape of Open Banking in Europe. Divided into two parts, it aims to give you both the basis of knowledge necessary to understand the latest developments on the topic, as well as practical examples and best practices in Open Banking. First, the report elaborates on the innovations in Open Banking and the issues that still stand in the way of universal adoption. Afterwards, we will dive into the best practices and new business models in both banking and fintech. The rise of Open Banking, in which banks have the opportunity to work with innovative players and technologies in the growing fintech community, is driven by three factors: firstly, as a result of accelerating digitisation, leading customers, both businesses and consumers, to expect meaningful, actionable insights based on their data at any time on any device, while still being in control of who has access to their data. Secondly, the regulators in Europe push for more openness in banking, as evidenced by the ‘access to account’ (XS2A) provisions of the PSD2. Lastly, the rapid expansion of the use of open API technology in financial services has supported the openness in banking, providing the key technology needed. PSD2, and XS2A in particular, are accelerating change in payments, innovative banking applications, and respective business models by leveraging payment functionality and account information. The Open Banking ecosystem is brimming with potential, but there is still much debate on the functional scope of “access to account”, effective business- and operational models, and standardisation in terms of technology, legal, and operational matters. In this report, we aim to give an overview of the key issues that need to be addressed. We have asked key players in the market; banks, consultants, merchants, and fintech to give more insights into the debate

ProcureCon Canada 2017 State of the Industry Report

It's crystal clear: the procurement function has evolved. Today, practitioners have moved on from just traditional sourcing and purchasing to being ultimately responsible for all strategic cost savings.As a result, a strategic approach is no longer an option - it's a must. 

The question is: what strategies are needed to achieve the ultimate in demonstrable savings and value? Find out in the report and at ProcureCon Canada 2017!