Procurecon Canada 2020

04 - 05 May, 2020

Marriott Downtown at CF Toronto Eaton Centre

ProcureCon Story Stefane Belleau

Stefane Belleau

Associate Vice President,
Associate Vice President, Procurement and Real Estate Management
Laurentian Bank

ProcureCon Canada is a great cross-section of sectors and geographies, and the quality of the people and discussions is very high.
Stefane Belleau, Associate Vice President, Procurement and Real Estate Management, Laurential Bank.

Stefane’s ProcureCon Canada Story At a Glance

  • Years attending ProcureCon Canada: 2
  • How he has participated: Speaker
  • Why he comes to ProcureCon Canada: For in-depth conversations with senior sourcing leaders about the biggest questions in their field

Stefane Belleau’s ProcureCon Canada Story

A Conference of Peers

In the procurement space, and especially in Canada, many of the events I've seen are more tactical and generally lack senior managers or C-level procurement leaders. ProcureCon has a much more senior audience, and that's one of the things that makes the event more compelling. I can meet people who are at a similar level with similar experience and have in-depth discussions about issues that we are working through. Because you have to realize everybody is doing a little bit of the same thing: we are all trying to take our sourcing to a better place and improve our profession.

The seniority of the audience and the overlap in our challenges also makes ProcureCon Canada a great place for us create to collaborative opportunities. Those opportunities are not just cost-related or cost-centric. The financial considerations are always important, but we are also working on cross-functional issues and it is helpful to see how people are going about that. This is all really important: to be exposed to leaders with relatable experiences that are working on the same questions that I'm working on.

At ProcureCon Canada this year, I heard an attendee comment that the topics at this year's event were more comprehensive than last year; they did not just touch on process and systems, but also on the strategies and frameworks that are central to our function. I believe that over time, that is something I would like to see more of at this event. ProcureCon Canada can help push Canadian sourcing leaders to discuss the biggest, boldest topics in our field, because I think that is what we are looking for. We are looking to have good conversations about the core challenges of our function, and this is a great venue for those conversations.

Finally, ProcureCon Canada has also exposed me to interesting vendors that could potentially bring a lot of value to what we do. There is a good mix of competitors and some non-conventional suppliers with new ideas and potentially effective solutions.

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