Larry Leung, Procurement Specialist at Liquor Control Board of Ontario

Larry Leung

Procurement Specialist
Liquor Control Board of Ontario

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Day 2: May 5, 2020 Setting Your Procurement Function Up For Success

Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

3:00 PM Presentation: Manage the Best Kickoff Meetings to Strengthen Successful Relationships from the Outset

Setting up supplier relationships can be difficult, with different client offices perceiving themselves as in control.  Procurement doesn’t receive the deliverables themselves, so if clients aren’t documenting the process properly there won’t be a way to bring it to the vendor’s attention until it’s too late.  Larry Leung has over a decade of experience in bidding, purchasing, and outsourcing, with a strong emphasis on stakeholder engagement and vendor collaboration.  His knowledge of team outreach as shaped at LCBO will provide key context for helping you manage your meetings.  

•Establish expectations, responsibilities, and schedule for future meetings
•Make clients into full partners for contract management
•Map out action redress plans in advance