Here's How TELUS Is Streamlining the Purchasing of IoT Connectivity

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The Internet of Things has been causing severe disruption to global industry over the last few years. Connected technology has expanded out from the world of home appliances and amusing novelties and can now be found transforming the way we go about our work in almost every industry.

Field service is using IoT-powered sensors to predict when components will fail and carry out repairs before they cause productivity- and profit-destroying large-scale shutdowns. Retail is using those same sensors to create cashierless convenience stores similar to what we've seen with Amazon Go. Medical device manufacturers are deploying IoT-enabled products that can keep healthcare providers updated in real-time as to the ongoing condition of patients — improving clinical outcomes and ultimately saving lives.

This is just the tip of the IoT iceberg, but all these devices come with a new procurement challenge. Businesses innovating in the IoT space need to be able to purchase the connectivity which makes the technology work.


Into this gap steps TELUS. As a Canadian national telecommunications company providing a wide range of products and services — including internet access, voice, entertainment, healthcare, video, and IPTV television — TELUS understands more than most the new pain points and stresses that the IoT can bring to companies which are developing and deploying the technology.

Answering the need for companies to be able to purchase IoT connectivity in a convenient and flexible way has become a matter of priority for TELUS. After much work, discussion with customers, and innovation, the communications provider believes it has developed the ideal solution: the IoT Shop.

"For Canadian businesses innovating in the IoT space, direct access to reliable cellular connectivity is crucial. TELUS is excited to launch the IoT Shop, which removes barriers to entry and increases accessibility to the TELUS IoT network," said Vice President of IoT at TELUS, Michael Cihra. "The IoT Shop was built based on customer feedback to ensure that the user experience, management tools, and services meet the demands of the innovators that are shaping Canada's growing IoT ecosystem."

The issue with the traditional method of purchasing IoT connectivity was that brands would have to go through the rigmarole of committing to volume requirements, credit checks, and other processes. This wasn't so much of a problem for big brands, but for smaller businesses who may want to experiment with different levels as they trial and innovate various IoT developments, the whole process was inconvenient, expensive, and often prohibitive.

Internet of Things Procurement

The TELUS IoT shop transforms this by giving customers a one-stop account management dashboard through which they can pay with a credit card — removing the need to monitor data usage online, quickly change rate plans, and manage SIM statuses.

"The Internet of Things solutions are, by their very nature, dependent on connectivity, especially reliable cellular connectivity," said TELUS in a press release. "Developers and startups often find it a challenge to purchase connectivity for their early-stage solutions because of the endless red tape they are met with from traditional service providers. Volume commitments, complex contracts, and restrictive plans, pricing and ordering processes simply don't work for innovators or businesses that need easy access to a hand full of SIM cards and a pool of data to be able to test and deploy new solutions."

You don't need to have a TELUS business account to take advantage of the IoT store, making it even more ideal for small businesses that don't have the financial strength for yet another line of credit.

The first three SIMs are free and data packages start at 100MB. From there, brands can take advantage of a tiered pricing structure which is designed to offer the maximum amount of flexibility when it comes to purchasing IoT connectivity. To ensure devices stay connected and there are no interruptions to service, data plans are set to auto-renew every 30 days. However, the auto-renew will trigger earlier if all data is consumed before the 30 days are up.

Emails and notifications keep customers updated when such situations arise, so they are never caught off guard by surprise charges.

Final Thoughts

The TELUS IoT Shop is set to change the way businesses procure IoT connectivity and will help smaller brands innovate more effectively without having to commit to lines of credit or long-term plans. This will no doubt have the knock-on effect of bringing ever more exciting IoT technology into being in the future.

"TELUS proudly supports the growth of the IoT ecosystem in Canada by helping businesses develop, connect, and deploy connected technologies," said the press release. "In addition to the TELUS IoT Shop, our dedicated IoT network was built exclusively to connect IoT devices. TELUS launched Canada's first IoT Marketplace to showcase connected solutions for a broad range of industries and the TELUS IoT Starter Kit provides startups the tools required to rapidly prototype connected solutions."

You can hear TELUS's Vendor Manager, Zdravko Dimitrov, speak at ProcureCon Canada 2020, taking place in May at the Marriott Toronto at CF Eaton Centre, ON.

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